Extend conference benefits beyond the "closing bell"
with new Content Management


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Event Recording and Publishing Services
Novel Digital Publishing
a dividion of International Conferences (IC) Inc.
We record and publish
conference contents
since 19866
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Boost attendance for your
future events

To generate interest and increase registration
all annual conferences include one presentation
on the next event.

But what about those, who could not attend
the current event? - If you record and publish the technical sessions along with the "Invitation to the next event" you are delivering the message to your entire market.


Combining the live video
with the slides

This comprehensive format benefits not only those who could not attend the event or missed a session, but even the attending delegates can review the presentations and maximize
the benefits.

  • View it at the convenient time
  • Pause, Rewind, Replay etc are valuable options
  • Stop on a slide and take notes
  • Send it to others interested in the topic


Capture the atmosphere of,
even the most dynamic sessions


Many of the highly skilled and experienced presenters intentionally use an entertaining stile. This enables them to quickly capture and maintain audience attention throughout the entire presentation.
The high fidelity recording and professional editing ensures that these benefits of the live presentation are fully delivered.

Panel discussions are often the most valuable sessions


Recording is the only way to capture the free flowing, unscripted dialogues among the panelists.
Questions from the audience often reflect
common concerns and interests. The responses frequently provide hard to find, valuable information - not only for those who attended -
but also who may have missed the session.


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