They will be my marching orders Starting on Day One
I'll hit the ground running, implementing them

Elect someone with a long track record
Makes sense, doesn't it?
To witness the shortest political speech you've ever heard that is short on time, but long on content ..

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The Oakville Town Hall is due for an overhaul
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1. Preserving green space

Only a few short years ago north of the Dundas street was farm land. Now it is brick and mortar as far as the eye can see, Is this progress? Not for me nor for the majority of Oakville residents. Re-electing incumbent is a ticket to less green space and more profit for developers.
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2. Slow the rate of building high rises

I do not dispute that the Sobe's centre was due for a major renovation,
However instead of keeping the small town style of individual stores serving the local community, the town allowed the construction of a huge high rise apartment building.

A shopping plaza on 6th line is the next on the chopping block. If the present town council is re-elected, they will cave into developers and by-by small stores, welcome increased traffic on presently quiet streets."
Do we want to change the "Town of Oakville" to a Metropolis?
If we do not bring new blood to the town hall, this will happen!!"

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3. Smart, long term planning

As for long term planning, or rather the lack of it.
The Bronte Harbour land mark building was the cultural center Oakville residents. In spite that it was known for years that in 2018 the it will be handed over the town of Oakville, the had no plan for it, so shut it down.


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4. Testimonials


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