June 15 "Ella Meets Mel" Larisa Renee and Alan Reid brings back those moments
A Gala night Wrapping
our 2017 Series
On November 17

The star studded cast of top rated
Canadian Jazz musicians
made it a memorable event
Performers of the 2017 season
Adrean Farrugia, Alex Pangman, Alison Young, Amanda Martinez, Atilla Fias, Brian O'Kane, Bruce Cassidy, Chris Banks, Glenn Anderson, John Johnson, John MacLeod, John MacMurchy, June Garber, Larissa Renee, Laura Fernandez, Peter Hill, Scott Alexander, Shirantha Beddage, Sophia Perlman, Ted Quinlan, Terry Clark, William Carn,
Yvette Tollar

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The 2018 season-so far
From the 2017 season
November - Gala night
September - Alex Pangman
August - Bruce Cassidy